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Film processing services and information
  [last update Friday, March 30, 2012


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  • $15-$30 to Canada and Mexico 

  • $20-$45 elsewhere

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Minox film and supplies


Note: Minox films are sold out just about everywhere in the world. Minox Germany assures us this is temporary.

The films offered on this page are used in Minox 8x11. Acmel, Fujicolor MX, and Yashica Atoron and Atoron Electro cameras, in "lighter cameras" like the Cosmo Omega, and in other subminiature cameras. They deliver 8mm x 11mm subminiature images of impressive quality click here to see examples.

(left to right)
Back: Minox C, and Yashica Atoron Electro with AG1 flash. The Atoron Electro was designed to compete with the Minox C.
Middle: Minox B and Yashica Atoron. The Atoron was designed to compete with the Minox B.
Front: Fujicolor MC 007 with electronic flash, Minox EC with cube flash. Fuji made the Minox MX for Minox, and the MX is very similar to the MC 007.

Film freshness and "process before" dates Please read

As you might imagine, Minox film sells slowly. Even though we are one of the higher-volume Minox dealers, we find it difficult to keep only fresh-dated films in stock. For that reason, whenever we receive a new shipment of film from the Minox factory, those films are immediately put into a freezer, where they stay until they are shipped to you.

This has the effect of extending the life of the film. When you receive your film, ignore the "process-before" date stamped on the box. The actual shelf life of the film is two years following the month in which you receive it. 

If you store it in your refrigerator, you can extend its life to five or more years. If you freeze it, it could last as long as fifteen years.

Yes, you can afford to use your Atoron or Minox camera!

Inexpensive, high-quality Minox processing and printing is available by mail from Blue Moon Camera, in Portland, Oregon. They charge the same for Minox as for 35mm. As of early December, 2011, they charge less than $5 per roll to develop color film, and under 50 cents per print for enlarged prints including Minox. This is a fraction of what most specialty labs used to charge.

Click here to see their current pricing and for detailed information on how they make prints from color and black-and-white Minox negatives.


The submini mystique continues, with new film and digital models from Minox and others.


Minopan 100 shown with Minox B



Minocolor Pro film shown with Minox C

Please click here to read about the "process before" dates on Minox films.

You can develop MinoPan at home: For MinoPan 25 or 100, develop 9 minutes in any D-76 type developer at 20/68. For MinoPan 400, 11 minutes.

These are starting times and should work well. If you are not getting adequate shadow detail, add one minute. If highlights are blocking, try 30 seconds or one minute less.

Minopan 25 (36 exp. black and white.) Click  here to learn more about this film. Per roll:

These are the last available.


Click to buy on-line.

 Please click here to read about shipping costs.

Minopan 100 (36 exp. black and white.) Click  here to learn more about this film.

Click here to see the Minox Historical Society's June 2009 "Technical Merit" page with some stunning Minopan 100 images.

sold out


Click to buy on-line.

 Please click here to read about shipping costs.

Minopan 400 (36 exp. black and white.) Click  here to learn more about this film.

sold out


Click to buy on-line.

 Please click here to read about shipping costs.

Minocolor 100 (36 exp. black and white.) Click  here to learn more about this film. Per roll:

Temporarily available from frozen stock recently located. Guaranteed identical to fresh.


Click to buy on-line.

 Please click here to read about shipping costs.

Of all the under-$50 subminiature digital cameras available, this one comes reasonably close to the convenience and quality of a Minox brand camera. You will need a micro-SD card (like the ones used in cell phone cameras).



Minocolor 400 (36 exp. black and white.) Click  here to learn more about this film.

sold out


Click to buy on-line.

 Please click here to read about shipping costs.

  Film Wallet for Subminiature films (16mm and Minox)
with storage envelope. 

Each wallet stores one roll of submini film in an archival plastic sleeve. The sleeve fits into a paper envelope, with printed spaces for recording technical data and describing each frame.

Per wallet with envelope (minimum order of five, please):


Click to buy on-line.

 Please click here to read about shipping costs.


Bluefire Police high-resolution surveillance film, 16mm x 30.5m (100') for use in subminiature cameras

(This film gives hard microfilm images when developed conventionally. For pictorial use, develop in Bluefire HR or a similar ultra-soft developer)

Cut a 61cm (24") length of this film for reloading into Minolta, Steky, Rollei, and other 16mm submini cartridges.

Or run it through your 9.2mm slitter for Minox reloads:
15 exposures, 32cm or 12.9"
30 exposures, 52cm or 20.3"
36 exposures, 59cm or 23.3"
50 exposures, 77cm or 30.1"

Buy your slitter from Joe McGloin at Goat Hill.

Per 100/ (30,5m) roll:


Click to buy on-line.

 Please click here to read about shipping costs.

SPX-27 Battery  
for Minox 8x11 cameras: 

Also fits:

Minox 35mm Minox EL, GL, GT, GTE, GTX, AL, GSE
Minox Flash Minox FL4 Cube Flash, PE and PL Electronic Flash
Rollei 110 Rollei A110, E110
Rollei 35 Rollei 35LED, 35SE, 35TE

These are possibly the most useful of all the Minox 8x11 camera accessories.

SPX-27 and SPX-28 battery
These are 6-volt silver oxide batteries, exact replacements for the banned 5.6-volt PX-27 and PX-28 mercury batteries formerly used in Minox cameras and other equipment.

The camera's electronic metering circuit easily compensates for the 0.4 volt difference, and no exposure changes are required.

Silver-oxide batteries last much longer than alkaline. You can substitute silver-oxide for alkaline, but not the other way around.

You can replace a SPX-27 or 28 by stacking four silver-oxide button cells of the correct diameter (alkaline cells will not work)  in the battery chamber, and then adding a spacer made from conductive metal (wadded-up aluminum foil works). However, this factory-assembled battery, in which the cells are spot-welded and which does not require a spacer, is far superior. It will last longer and give 100% reliable electrical contact.

SPX-27 battery

Minox EC, C, EX, LX, TLX and others (see list under photo at left)

12.7mm diameter, 20.5mm height


Click to buy on-line.

 Please click here to read about shipping costs.

SPX-28 battery

Yashica Atoron Electro, Minox 35ML, Bronica GS-1 Canon AE-1

130 mm diameter, 25.2mm height




Click to buy on-line.

 Please click here to read about shipping costs.



If you own a Minox, you're not just an adventurous photographer. You're also part of a wonderful mythology that stretches from the 1930's through the Cold War all the way to today and tomorrow. Enter the world of photographic history, spycraft, and espionage treat yourself to books by these respected historians and Minox enthusiasts. 

Minox factory-load films

Guide to choosing your Minox film

Minopan black and white films are cut down at the Minox factory from Agfa APX bulk rolls, and are processed the same as Agfa APX.
Minocolor films are processed in standard C-41 color chemistry.

Minopan 25 is a very fine grained black and white film that you should use if your pictures are to be enlarged beyond about 4"x6" (about 10x15cm). Its disadvantage is a speed rating of 25 (DIN 15) which limits its usefulness indoors and outdoors in low light, unless you use a tripod and relatively long exposure times, or flash. It is fast enough for hand-held exposures outdoors in daylight. It can yield images of spectacular beauty.

Minopan 100 has moderate grain that is visible but usually not objectionable on 4"x6" (10x15cm) prints. Its speed rating of 100 (DIN 21) permits hand-held photography in outdoors daylight, and flash photography indoors. It has inherently less contrast than Minopan 25. It is probably the most useful all-round Minox black and white film.

Minopan 400 is a high speed (400, DIN 27) film for hand-held photography outdoors in low levels of daylight, such as early or late in the day, in shadows or under shelters. It can be used indoors with or without flash. Its grain structure is noticeable and should be taken into account during the process of visualizing the finished print. It is probably the most useful Minox film for expressive candid portraiture.


Hard Rock Cafe, Nashville. Enlarged to 4x6 inches from a Minox 8x11mm Minocolor Pro negative. Click to view full size.

Minocolor 100 gives you 36 exposures per roll. Use this film for consistently acceptable 3"x5" enlargements. Your best negatives will easily enlarge to 4"x6", and some Minographers report excellent 5"x7" enlargements.

Minocolor 400 is also a 36-exposure film. This film is invaluable if you're shooting indoors or in poor outdoor light, but its grain is prominent. While your 3"x5" enlargements will be grainy but acceptable, you will probably find 4"x6" or 5"x7" enlargements excessively grainy, unless you are deliberately using grain for its expressive qualities.

Minocolor Pro and Acmel Reala Ace are no longer manufactured.

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Please read this important information: 

We are one of the higher-volume Minox film dealers in the world, and we try to keep adequate stocks on hand so you can order the films you need, in any reasonable quantity.

But the unfortunate fact is that Minox films sell in low volumes compared to conventional films, which makes it difficult for even a top dealer to always have only fresh dated stocks on hand. The majority of the Minox films we ship are fresh dated, but not all.

In April of 2007, we installed a freezer in our shipping warehouse, and when each new shipment of factory-load Minox film arrives, it is immediately put into frozen storage. Freezing completely stops the normal deterioration related to a film's age.

The Minox films you buy from us are shipped to you directly from the freezer. This means you receive fresh film, no matter what the "process-before" date on the package. You can store your film at room temperature for two or three years after purchase. If you store it refrigerated or frozen, you extend its useful life for many years.

Click here to learn more about using film that has been frozen.



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